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Serving the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, we are an AAA approved auto repair center so you can rest assured you are getting the best auto services at competitive pricing. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment ensure accurate and timely repairs. Whether you need a brake fluid flush or transmission repairs, contact our experts today!

Truck, Bus & Auto Repair

Since 1958, we have been a full-service auto repair shop in Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in complete repairs for all types of cars, buses, and light to heavy-duty trucks. Our radiator and machine shop on-site allows for speedy repairs and services. No matter what make or model your vehicle, call our professionals today for a free estimate!

Auto Repair Cleveland OH

Fleet Maintenance Service

At Hasek Automotive Service & Supply, our certified auto mechanics offer fleet maintenance services for all types of automotive and truck fleets. We are your one-stop shop committed to providing excellent customer service. Our technological tools and equipment are able to handle large volumes of vehicles at a time. We are efficient, knowledgeable and honest so contact us today to schedule a convenient appointment.

Brake Fluid Flush

Regular brake fluid flushes extend the life of your vehicle's brake system. They help prevent the deterioration of hydraulic components and avoid large, expensive brake repairs in the future. Trust our experts to maintain the integrity of your brake system with routine brake fluid exchanges.

Oil ChangesOil Changes Hasek Auto Service

Is it time for an oil and air filter change? We understand the importance of regular oil changes to keep your engine running smoother, longer. Whether you need a new air filter or a synthetic blend oil change, we offer the best services at the most competitive prices.

Transmission Service

As a full-service auto shop in Cleveland, OH, Hasek Automotive Service & Supply offers transmission service including repairs, flushes, and fluid changes. To ensure it always performs at its peak, our technicians recommend maintaining your transmission routinely. This will keep your vehicle running newer for longer.

Cooling System Service & RepairAir Conditioning Hasek Auto Service

Has your vehicle's air conditioning stopped working? Beat the heat and humidity with a properly working A/C system in your car, truck or SUV. We will inspect all parts of your cooling system including all lines, the compressor and the evaporator for leaks and other potential problems.

Fuel Injection System

Whether you run on regular gasoline or diesel fuel, we provide fuel injection and carburetor services. We can optimize the fuel system in your vehicle to become more reliable while increasing your gas mileage. Our dependable team is ready to help you get more out of your automobile.

Radiator Cleaning & ServiceRadiator Repair Hasek Auto

Our highly qualified auto mechanics provide radiator cleanings, flushes, and services throughout Cleveland. Radiator flushes help cool the engine. Cleaning your radiator includes an inspection, removing contaminants, rust and scale deposits, lubricating the water pump, and protecting against rust.

Engine Rebuilding & Restoration

Hasek Automotive Service & Supply specializes in engine repairs, rebuilds, and restorations. Whether you have a foreign or domestic vehicle, our auto mechanics have the skills and the latest technology for the most extensive engine and transmission work. We also offer transmission flushes, differential leaks and much more!

Aluminum WeldingBody Repair Hasek Auto

Did you get in a fender bender and need your car's frame welded? Our experienced welders provide aluminum welding services which include retrofitting steel parts, repairing cracks and custom fabricating auto parts. To learn more, call us today at 216-692-2400.

Cylinder Reconditioning & Repairs

Did you blow a gasket? Has your engine failed to start? We offer cylinder reconditioning, welding and repairs to make your cylinder heads and blocks like new again. Rely on us for all of your auto care needs.

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